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Gretchen Trusted founded Shake the Sky in 2002 and has been creating beautiful, chic and wonderfully liveable homes for clients in London and Europe ever since.

Gretchen has lived in London, Boston, Paris, Los Angeles and San Francisco, bringing an international aesthetic to the homes she creates. She graduated with a MA from Princeton University and received an MBA from INSEAD in Fontainebleau, France. Following an early career background in management consulting, she retrained at KLC School of Design, set out her shingle, and never looked back.

Shake the Sky’s projects vary in size and involvement, from designing one off custom pieces of furniture to full interior design commissions for substantial properties, taking the project from architectural planning and detailing, through decorative schemes and furniture layouts to sourcing final touches such as linen, kitchenware and accessories, including project co-ordination.

The company has designed an extensive number of versatile projects throughout the UK and Europe, from the most elegant urban residences to casual weekend retreats.